Sonar Technology Developed to Assistant GPS Underwater Location

Researchers in Pennsylvania State University are designing underwater navigation system based on sonar for American navy. This system allows submarine to underwater GPS positioning according to features of seabed geomorphic.

This technology was called sounding navigation technology based on sonar. The theory is that it matches pictures of seabed geomorphic detected by sonar with the known seabed geomorphic map. The situation is similar as pilots fly the plane via the visual inspection between aeronautical chart and scenery of actual time.


Office of Naval research grants Pennsylvania State University a sonar navigation event to develop a navigation device that can be used in submarine and other underwater device. They are seeking a credible system which can provide accurate navigation and time measure ability with low cost when GPS system didn’t work.



The naval office points out that if there is no accurate navigation and time measure technology as the replacement of GPS, the military action may exist dangerous. And this technology aims to develop a kind of more accurate, credible and low cost navigation technology that not relies on GPS signal for naval flying, surface combatant, submarine and unmanned underwater vehicles.


On land, if you drive on road, GPS system gives you right way to place you want to go. In the sky, GPS can act as the pilots’ eyes. Under water, owing to wireless radio wave cannot pass through water, GPS cannot work well. With sonar technology, hope it can work well to location seabed.